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The prayer scrolls and recent montages / paintings integrate photographic elements with drawing and painting. They are new for me and also spiral back to early work in painting, hand colored photographs and the photopins made for friends, incorporating many of the images that recur throughout my work.

The scrolls are challenging to share as they are 4.5 inches wide and 60 inches tall, mounted on linenunder plexiglass to 12 x 70. They take their form from an Ethiopian scroll that’s graced our wall for many years. In 1997, I came upon a NYT review by Holland Cotter on “Art That Heals: The Image as Medicine in Ethiopia”. He wrote that scrolls were made to the height of a person being healed and inscribed with sacred images and text. I measured mine and found it to be my exact height

The first group was created for a show in a large public space, an airport, and I wanted pieces that would relate to the height of a person and be both peaceful and resonant for those who were spending time there, perhaps under stress. I was touched and surprised by the responses of people who wrote and called about their experience of that exhibit.

Another influence in this part of my work was meeting and seeing the wonderful art of Elsbeth Juda who uses her own paint palettes to create the rich imagery of her narrative montage work. I was inspired to use my own proof prints, editions of my early lithographs and other such material to draw on the imagery and palette that seem to be persistently mine.

The montage / paintings are currently unfolding. The photopins are like little sketches. Please email for further information.


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