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When New Yorkers first gathered in remembrance of the losses and heroism of September 11, the image of a broken but recognizable sphere graced the site, the 25 foot high sculpture by Fritz Koenig salvaged from the wreckage, victim, victor, voyager.The circle speaks to us reassuringly of the celestial and the everyday, the eternal moon reflected in a bucket of water in our kitchen door. The circle has been an important image in my work, and has recently taken the form of the labyrinth. Thanks to the vision of my husband Ted, we have a canvas labyrinth in four satchels under the stairs, ready to be unfurled from time to time for a journey in and back out again. We’ve been privileged to share it with people of all ages and situations, many of whom have left poetry behind on bits of paper like prayers. Our labyrinth is patterned after the floor of Chartres Cathedral, that worn seven hundred year old stone path, between the sublime blue skyward windows and the stair down into the Isis temple below.

The series has gone from the child in the center of an oak grove, to dolphins swimming to a sacred phone “call,” to a tattoo on a young seeker. This exploration is ongoing in both photography and montage work.

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