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While Plant Forms are from nature as seen, the Companion images are more studio explorations. Loon Reflecting is part of a series of birds in various guises having to do with projecting a persona, playful and poignant. The Merwoman is a figure that developed as objects came together on a studio shelf: shell, mask and Barbie. I came to like her, wanted her to present herself with dignity and ended up writing a children’s book about her, a spirit looking for home.

The octopus is a strange one that came to mind full blown during a concert of experimental music. I wondered later if the image followed the journey of ideas from the depths - inspiring and odd as new music, intriguing in its unfamiliarity.

The Mother and Child and Buddha Bear are part of a series on stuffed animals. In conversation with children and adults about their soft childhood colleagues, I was surprised and charmed at how warm and detailed their narratives were. Friends kindly lent beloved creatures and dolls. The old kangaroos are mine and - with an old book, in a gentle light - I found them to embody a moment of maternal protection / encouragement, loving and challenging core of mothering. The Buddha Bear is a favorite from the series with his serene posture and surface worn by listening and love.

From the protection of the lion to the comfort of stuffed animals to the challenge of the unfamiliar, I like to think we are in the synchronistic presence of companions.


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